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SERVICES   - GNZ Construction

Preconstruction Planning

The company is fully responsible of preparing the building designs, plans and project development. It is also in charge of monitoring, procurement and management of the construction process. We will provide highly qualified construction teams able to run and execute the construction process and ensure a smooth operation.

Architectural Modelling

Overcoming the constraints of scope, time and budget requires some management skills. Project managers provide planning, organization and resource management. Therefore, project management links together the activities of the project while managing and integrating them to avoid going over-budget as well as to avoid failure to meet deadlines. GNZ provides experienced project managers, able to deal with different project levels of complexity and ensure efficient and effective delivery.

Construction Management

Construction is a complex process that involves a number of activities and a number of people. The complexity of the process increases with its size. Lager scale constructions require more human capital, multitasking, resources, management, design…. We have it all, and with perfection & precession as standard.


Construction is a complex process that involves a number of activities and a number of people. The complexity of the process increases with its size. Lager scale constructions require more human capital, multitasking, resources, management, design…. Therefore, construction projects require a team formed of a project manager, a construction manager, a design engineer and a construction engineer or architect. These teams face a multitude of tasks that involve effective planning, scheduling, budgeting, bidding, logistics, safety issues and problem solving.

We will provide highly qualified construction teams able to run and execute the construction process and ensure a smooth operation.

Objectives & Values

  • Client: We value our clients, build strong relationships and open communication bridges with them to allow a more detailed and precise project implementation.
  • Flexibility: We aim to stay flexible by following a flat company structure. Projects a separately treated as assigned to business units in charge of these project types which increases efficiency.
  • Green thinking: We value green projects and give them priorities and privileges over other projects as part of our contribution in creating a more sustainable environment for future generations. 
  • Human Resources: We have carefully chosen our staff and selected the finest individuals to ensure a high caliber for the services we offer.

Our Mission

Our aim is to transform the designs, plans and dreams of our customers into reality. We do so by offering the best construction teams to ensure an accurate, on schedule and on budget project construction.

Civil infrastructure

As for civil infrastructure, service line ranges from deploying pipelines to complete construction process. GNZ can provide development, engineering, management and construction of:

  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Airports
  • Power Plants
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Tunnels


The production and supply of Ready-mix concrete for infrastructure projects is the core focus of GNZ Cons activity. With a leading presence in the area and with a production capacity of more than 180 cubic meters per hour, the GNZ Cons - Ready-mix plants are fully computerized and the most sophisticated of their kind in the area – and you don’t have to take our word for it. Our computer printouts are given to customers as delivery notes, clearly indicating the batched weights of all ingredients. Concrete proof you might say – and complete peace of mind. Production and quality control are paramount at GNZ Cons -Ready-mix. All incoming raw materials for Ready-mix are tested to the most rigid standards. Water is tested to BS 3148; Cement is subjected to monthly physical tests and chemical analysis to ensure consistent quality and compliance to BS and ASTM standards. Aggregates are checked daily for grading and other important properties, again to BS and ASTM standards.

Many other physical and chemical tests are carried out weekly and monthly in our labs and at a completely independent laboratory at frequent intervals. Washed Sand is tested for chlorides, sulphates and silt content. The sand is used. Even though all incoming raw materials are subjected to such rigorous examination, the Outgoing Concrete is not exempted from similar scrutiny. All loads leaving the plant are checked for correct slump and workability. Concrete Cubes are prepared according to BS 1881, cured indoors in special curing tanks and then tested for compressive strength. All results are registered in order to monitor and study the concrete’s performance. Such attention to detail does earn GNZ Cons -Ready-mix operations, the renowned ISO 9001 accolade for design, production and supply of ready mix concrete – and more importantly for us, the trust of you our customer.

We turn to businesses and individuals who want to cast in concrete. Erection of three concrete plants in Sweden. Our experience and partners expertise will enable our customers transport routes faster and cost effective. 

We provide our clients our advice and developed solutions that suits their projects. Subsequently, we produce and run out the concrete to you. We provide you with our full solutions of concrete pumps and also offer pumping of concrete. Concrete Production takes place in our own factories with the supervision of specialists who know the material and construction process. We will examine and test our production in our labs making sure your product is up the best standard.

Procurement services

The logistics part of construction is crucial for the whole project and its time frame. Delivering the right goods and service to the right place at the right time is one of the major issues that lie behind running late with the construction projects. GNZ is committed to ensure proper procurement for construction projects by providing logistics professionals with the right talents and competences to run smooth and timely procurement operations. Also a part of the procurement service is providing suppliers and offers in order to cut the costs of the project. GNZ can provide supplier offers at lower than average rates.

Safety & Insurance services

Safety is highly appreciated in our industry especially when dealing with large constructions and heavy tools. The risks involved are too great not to have insurance for. It is possible to prevent many accidents and to compensate other. It is from this perspective that GNZ Cons decided to develop safety and insurance programs.

Workers are employed to wear their safety gear and to abide by the rules. Company rules clearly state to avoid any work or action that is not considered to be safe. Hazardous accidents cause high costs and reduce productivity since they incur losses in time and money not to mention injury possibilities. Therefore we require our stakeholders to commit to our safety measures and policies as much as we are.


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